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Summer Arts Camp 2023 Camper/Parent Info


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Camp is from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but can I drop off my child earlier than 9:00?
    Yes, there will be supervised early drop off beginning at 8:00 a.m., and late pick-up until 5:30pm for families who need it. *Please note, NO ONE is on site prior to 8am. DO NOT drop off your child prior to 8am. Also ALL staff leaves promptly at 5:30pm. You must pick up your child by 5:30pm.
  • What if I need to pick up my child early?
    You must contact the Camp Director in writing via text 601-624-6701 or email
  • What if something comes up and I need someone to pick up my child other than myself?
    On the camper information card, a place is provided for you to indicate who has permission to pick up your child. Any person picking up your child MUST be listed. ALL transportation changes must be made in writing (either via email or text message) to the Camp Director prior to 4pm.
  • Will the children be supervised at all times?
    Yes, at least 2 members of our summer camp staff will be with your child at all times during the day.
  • Will my child need sunscreen?
    Almost all regular activities will take place inside the facility. However, on the first Friday of camp, there will be outdoor water activities and sunscreen is recommended on that day.
  • My child has a food allergy. How can I make sure he/she doesn’t eat the wrong food?
    On the information card, please indicate any allergy, food or otherwise, that your child has. This information will be used to plan for snacks and meals provided by us, and will help us prevent your child from eating anything he/she should not. If needed please send Epi Pen to camp director in plastic bag marked with camper’s name. If your child has food allergies please return the information card as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly.
  • My child is asthmatic.
    Please send your child’s inhaler in a plastic baggie with his/her name written on the bag with a Sharpie. If your child needs to use the inhaler, he or she will be taken to the office by a counselor, then escorted back to the activity underway.
  • My child is on medication.
    We will not have a nurse on duty. ALL medications will need to be administered before camp by a parent or guardian, and any medication during camp (other than an inhaler) also must be administered by a parent, guardian or authorized caregiver. Camp staff will not administer prescriptions of any kind.
  • Will there be a refrigerated place to put my child’s lunch?
    No, but lunches will be kept in an air conditioned room. Please keep this in mind when preparing your child’s lunch.
  • Do I need to send a water bottle with my child?
    Yes, Please send your camper with a water bottle every day.
  • What kind of snacks will you give the campers?
    We will provide a variety of snacks throughout camp, such as cookies, chips, crackers, snow cones, Popsicles and other items. On the two Fridays of Camp, we provide lunch—usually pizza or chicken strips.
  • Will my child need a costume for the production?
    Most campers will wear camp T-shirts and black shorts for the production. Further information on costumes will be sent home the first week of camp. Costumes for lead roles possibly will need to be borrowed, rented or purchased.
  • Do you allow the campers to have cell phones?
    No! Campers are not allowed to have their phones during classes. If they need their phone with them for after camp, then they may leave phone in their lunch box throughout the course of the day. Please be sure your camper’s phone is ON SILENT and in their lunch box BEFORE he/she gets out of the car in the morning. Campers are allowed to check their phones at lunch but that is the only time during the day when they will have their phones. If you need to get a message to your child during the day, please contact the Camp Director via text 601-624-6701 or email
  • Does my child need to wear any particular kind of shoes?
    Yes! Campers must wear tennis shoes because of dance and recreational activities. CLOSED-TOE shoes are required every day. However, flip-flops or sandals may be brought to wear on the first Friday for Water Day.
  • Will my child need to bring anything with him/her to camp?
    Yes! Two things: lunch (Monday through Thursday) and a good attitude!
  • Where does Carpool drop off and pick up?
    From Madison Avenue, you will turn onto Montgomery St which parallels the railroad tracks and make a right turn into the right hand parking lane on Main Street. You will drop off and pick up your child at the front entrance to the gym.
  • Drop Off
    Drop-Off begins at 8:00 a.m. Do NOT leave campers prior to 8am. NO ONE is present before 8am.
  • Pick-Up
    Pick-up is 5:00 pm each day. Please write the name of your camper on a sheet of paper large enough for the counselors to see and make sure your child's name is clearly visible in the windshield/dashboard of your car so staff can quickly expedite the pick-up process. ALL staff leaved promptly at 5:30pm. You must pick up you child by 5:30pm.
  • Transportation Changes
    Transportation changes during camp MUST be made in writing to the Camp Director via text 601-624-6701 or email We CAN NOT accept any transportation changes over the phone.
  • Dress Code
    Dress Code each day includes tennis shoes and comfortable summer clothing which is easy to move in for dance. There are art activities each day so "dress for mess" and wear clothes which could possibly get paint on them. Due to safety requirements, CLOSED TOED SHOES ARE MANDATORY ON STAGE. Campers must wear closed-toe shoes to camp everyday. *Please refer to dress-up days list.
  • Lunch
    Remember to pack you child's lunch Monday-Thursday. (We provide lunch both Fridays.) There will NOT be a refrigerator available for camper lunches.
  • Performances
    Detailed information on the performances will be sent home by the end of the first week.

Dress Up Days MSAC 2023

10th - Group Color

11th - Wild West

12th - Superhero vs. Villian

13th - Decades

  • Purple Group - 90's

  • Red Group - 80's

  • Orange Group - 70's

  • Blue Group - 50's

14th - Jungle Day

17th - Name Game

  • each camper has to dress up as someone or something that begins with the first letter of their group color. (ex. a Red Grouper could dress up as a Rainbow or Rapunzel)

18th - Jersey Day

19th - Christmas in July

20th - Out of this World

Summer Arts Camp 2023 Staff

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