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About The Center Players

The Center Players Community Theatre is a 501(C)3 tax exempt organization, and as such, your donation is tax deductible, to the extent provided by the law.

The Center Players Community Theatre performs at the Madison Square Center for the Arts at 2103 Main Street, Madison, MS.


All auditions are posted on our website and Facebook page

The mission of THE CENTER PLAYERS, INC., performing as THE CENTER PLAYERS COMMUNITY THEATRE, (referred to herein after as “The Center Players”) is to provide affordable, quality, theatrical experiences to foster the arts in the community by uniting people from all walks of life in the spirit of volunteerism. By bringing talented non-equity artists from our community to the stage, The Center Players will create a series of performances for all audiences.

Madison the City Red Caboose
  • Megan Mayhan, President

  • Beth Schirmer, Vice-President

  • Becky Covington, Treasurer

  • Emily Bond, Secretary

  • Kara Gibson

  • Chase Hogland

  • Mona Reddy

  • Jarod Saucier



MTA 2022

  • Aunt Jane of Kentucky, Sally Ann's Experience

    • Wendie Sheppard - Outstanding Featured Performance

    • Spirit of the Road award


MTA 2019

  • Tea for Three

    • Best Production

    • Kathryn Dawkins, Betty Jo Mahaffey, Wendie Sheppard - Best Director

    • Betty Jo Mahaffey - Best Supporting Actress

    • Kathryn Dawkins and Wendie Sheppard - Outstanding Achievement in Acting

    • Outstanding Achievement in Hair Design


MTA 2018​

  • Second Lady

    • Lauren Ray - Best Actress

    • Ken Hackman - Best Director

    • Best Production

SETC 2018

  • Second Lady

    • Lauren Ray - Outstanding Achievement in Acting

MTA 2016

  • Patio

    • Dianne Brown - Best Director

    • Best Costumes

    • Kathryn Dawkins and LeLane Higgins - All Star Cast

    • Warren McDaniel - Best Production Runner-up

SETC 2016

  • Patio

    • Kathryn Dawkins and LeLane Higgins - Outstanding Achievement in Acting

    • Best Costumes

    • Best Hair and Makeup

2016 Commendations

The cast and crew of Patio received commendations from the Mississippi House of Representatives for an outstanding production.

MTA 2006

  • For The Odd Couple (Female Version)

    • All Star Cast

Mississippi Theatre Association

The Center Players is a member of the Mississippi Theatre Association.


The Center Players is a member of the American Association of Community Theatre

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